A beautiful day of spring 2011 I got a phonecall, a male voice told me that he wanted to Learn make-up technics with the aim of looking as a woman, he was sarching for a girl that could teach him all her tricks. At that time, I offered taylor made clases and courses. It sounded to me as something very creative but at the same time very unknown, without thinking about it for a second I accepted ( and that day marked a begining and a big turn in my life ).

We met at a place called Enfemme, where the main focus was to dress and feel like a woman. Male people use to go there to feel the pleasure of the femininity. A plactice called “crossdressing”.

It was all unknown for me, but, at the same time, it was something I wanted to find out more about. Just after I finished the first short course, I wanted to dig deeper into this world.

I went beyond the esthetics and began to make beautiful friendships that still last. I have to say that just after a few months I was considered as another member of the group and counted on me for everything.

As years went on I got more and more involved in this world. We started a lot of activities, meetings,

Events… I was becoming the stilist of this fabulous collective.

I have to say that Enfemme has been and will be, one of the best chapters in my life, that will remain forever in my memory. The unconditional support they gave me made to reconsider my laboral future.

I first created the blog Like a Girl in order to reach more people, and then in 2013 the feeling that united me to this community made my hobby become my profession.

In 2014 I started to dedícate exclusively to crossdresser and transgender people, and created this website.

I started to travel to several cities but soon realized that I had to set up my studio somewhere.

It was the momento of taking another big decisión, leving behind my hometown and moving to Madrid

In 2015, where I currently live. It was the best laboral choice to reach people countrywide.

Since then I have created a name, a trademark and, moreover, a lifestyle where many men travel here

To live their so desired femininity.

The beauty in life is not related on where you reach, but on walking your path and live the here and now.



Dafni Girls occupies a new space within the transvestism and is not just a transformation

Studio, is also a philosophy and a lifestyle.

Our esence is what gives a meaning to the Dafni Girls trademark, from the love and the feeling. Any crossdresser or transgender that identifies with this new ideology, will feel that is part of the Dafni Girls world.

A symbol created by all and that, nowadays, is an international reference within the universe of feeling like a woman.

A new concept tmade of several basic elements:

  • Personal Motivation, joy, living tthis practice in a totally natural way.
  • Estética based on beauty, elegance and style. We are behind the true femenine side of each person, taking it out with the confidence of a woman with good taste.
  • Fun, enjoyment, desconection. Either while making private sessions or during the outings for whom prefer to go out and discover Madrid.
  • Expression of femenine behaviors.
  • Tolerance and respect for any lifestyle and mentality. Redsentment and intolerance don’t fit on this way of living te femininity.
  • Freedom and hope to heal the repressed part that many people have live for so long.


Ask any question you have, It will be a pleasure to answer you.


+34 656 617 136  (11am-10pm M-S)