This service only includes the special make up for crossdressers and transgender.

For any occasion you need it: a date, an event, a party… os jus to be fabulous!

The makke up is customized with your face, using all technics to enhance your femininity. Based in your style, the occasion, and your preferences.

    • Includes false nails.
  • » Wig cap» protector and helping on wearing your wig.

We make it possible for you to dress at the studio before or after the make up. This way you can choose wether to come as man or already dressed as a woman, the way you prefer.

    • Make up: 60€
  • False or painted nails: 10€

Reserve now: info@dafnigirls.com


All months at Dafni Girls we organize dinners, events and nights out.

As our international famous party «Pass the wig»!

Sign up to make up with us and enjoy a special night along with other crossdressers.

Check every month our EVENT CALENDAR.

    • You can dress at the studio with you own dresses..
    • Or you can rent a dress at the studio for the ocassion.
  • If you wich, at the end of the evnt you can get a make up removal service at the studio.

    •  Make up fee: 60€
    • False or painted nails: 10€
    • Dress renting: 50€
  • Make up removal: 20€