New services in London

The Dafni Girls team grows, and because of that we can now offer you a brand new set of services in this great United Kingdom city. Our coach offers exclusive and unique workshops to help you model you femininity. Accompaniments, styling services, personal shopping… A brand new project that we are starting with a lot of excitement! Wherever you are, always enjoy your femininity. (We do not have at this moment a transformation studio in London, but we have a place to hold the femininity manner workshops).

♥ FEMININITY MANNER WORKSHOP (unique and exclusive)

We are pleased to feature, for the first time, a specialized and custom workshop where you will learn several techniques, gestures and movements wich are essential to complete your femininity. A mixture of sensations and emotions that will liberate your inner girl and will help you to truly enjoy, learn from yourself and exteriorize the pleasure of feeling like a woman. This workshops are made of several techniques:

  • Gestures and body postures
  • Work on emotions
  • Walking in a very feminine way
  • Sensual dance
  • Fun and enjoyment

Throughout all this, you will learn thousand of movements in order to move your body in a very femenine way. You will liberate emotions and fears, and will discover all your sensuality, wich is essential for your femininity.

If you want the perfection, the detail and to discover the femininity inside you, this is your workshop without any doubt!

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: 170 Pounds (Includes space renting).

The workshop is individual and personalized, but you also have the chance to share it with another crossdresser girl if you wish.

(Twice a year these workshops will be held in Madrid and Valencia, check our events section).


Another way of discovering our most sensual part is through the Cabaret style dance. Our coach offers this class after more than 10 years of experience as a dancer.

In this workshop you will find out about all the postures and slow movements, following a very easy choreography that we have adaptated to you.

The repetition of these movements will help you to integrate in your bodya different quality of energy and this will affect to your movement and attitude.

For sure you will fall in love with your figure and all the body curves that we can achieve.

If you want to have fun and feel the pleasure of feeling like a woman, do not doubt in trying this workshop.

Duration: 2 hours

Fee 170 Pounds. (Includes space renting).

(Twice a year these workshops will be held in Madrid and Valencia, check our events section).


Do you wish to discover the clothes that fit best with you and create the best looks?

With this service you will be able to live crossdressing with elegance and style, adapted to your body, to favour the naturality of being a woman and have fun with your “personal shopper assistant.

We will make:

  • An interview to find out about your measures and details before we start with the shopping.
  • We will accompany you to buy the best chothing sets, according to your taste and corporal tipology.
  • We will choose the best shops adapted to your budget and taste.
  • Finally, the session will end having a drink and giving you a piece of advice about how you should combine the clothes sets and the notions you should have in mind in your future shopping.

Duration: 3 hours

Fee: 150 Pounds


You wish to go out through the city, go for a drink, eat, have dinner, theatre, etc… Now we offer a service to accompany you to enjoy your femininity with one of us!

If you wish our company to go out through the city, it will be a pleasure to show you the best places and live this great experience!

We will be your confidents and friends, and will also be able to give you a lot of advice and counselling to help you take out you most femenine side.

Minimun duration 2 hous.

Fee: 50 Pounds / hour