Have you ever dreamed with a dreamy photoshoot? A service you will remember forever! The images will draw your beauty, making this experience unforgettable. A very requested service (and the funniest one).

We advice you to try it at least once for having a beautiful, unique memory, where you will learn how to pose for the photos!
The session can take place at the studio or if you wish some photos can be made outer (the second option is for the bravest).
The photo shoot includes10 retouched pictures as a high quality book and 50 more as a gift from the session, that are sent few days afterwards by email 

Memorize your feminine beauty with Dafni Girls!!!

  • Estimated time: 4h

It is included:

  • You will learn how to pose for the photo shoot.
  • Dresses to make 3 changes and poses in different styles on the book.
  • Custom makeup, wig and dress advice.
  • False or painted nails.
  • 10 retouched photos in high quality and 50 more from the session.
  • The session will make with one or two coaches of Dafni’s team.
  • Perfect make up removal.
  • Days after, we will send you an email with your pictures edited.
  • The session can take place at the studio or if you wish some photos can be made outer.


Yes, it is mandatory, as we cannot put makeup on facial hair. Also, it’s much better if you shave shortly before your makeup session.
It’s not necessary for you to shave other parts of the body except for the beard, we have clothes specially designed to cover them.

We do not do manicures or pedicures but we do paint fingernails and toenails and put on fake nails. Once the session is over, they are removed with acetone and, in the case of fake nails, you can keep them. These services are included in all experiences except occasion makeup.

In general, all sessions are individual and personalized, there will only be you and the Angel who accompanies you and advises you, unless you want to share a session with someone you know. We can ask some other girl but we cannot guarantee that there will be someone who can, or wants, to share the session.
We recommend the 3 hour session if it’s your first time. We can make 3 different outfits, but if you want to try more clothes or go for a walk, we recommend an extra hour.
Of course. Many girls do it if they have more than one day available. You can do 3-hour sessions and combine them with a perfect day and a perfect night if you want to go out dancing. If what youreally want is to immortalize that precious moment, you can make a professional photo book, which is one of the most requested services. If what you want is fun, you can hire several perfect nights, for example.
Of course they can accompany you and there is no extra cost unless they want makeup as well. If it’s a shared session, for privacy reasons, we’ll ask the other girls if they mind.
No one will notice anything because our makeup removal is perfect. We do it in a certain way so that there is no trace of makeup or nail polish.
It depends on the schedule. If you decide to go out during the day and return in the evening, one of our Angels will remove your makeup in the studio. The time limit for makeup removal is until 9:00 p.m. of the night. If you want to go out at night and you have not contracted the service of our angels, there will be no one to remove your makeup, since we will be out of hours. As an alternative option, we offer you a small bottle of makeup remover and nail acetone to take back to your hotel. In case you want to rent clothes for the session, you can, obviously, with our rental service and we also attach the makeup removal kit. You can return everything the next day.
Yes, we sell almost all the products that we use in your session. We also have a store in the studio and an online store. If you want to buy a product we can store it in our studio for the day of your session. We also have a cloakroom service.
It is a service in which we store your clothes or your girl things in our studios at a cost of €20 per month. You can leave your things in your suitcase and come to the studio to change your clothes, but you have to let us know because there must be someone in the studio.
Of course, you don’t have to worry about anything. Many girls come alone to events. Once you are with them you will see that you have a great time. Keep in mind that many girls like you want to meet other girls to go out together.
We have two options and you can choose the one you prefer and that suits you best. The first is the rental of 3 garments for €20. The garments can be whatever you need: wig, bag, breasts… Another option is the full rental for €50 and includes everything you need for your feminization: bra, dress, wig, shoes, bag…
Of course, as long as our Angels take care of you. In some cases, you can even leave it at the reception of the hotel where you are staying. In any case, you have to talk about it with the team.
We advise you to bring all the makeup products you have, not to use them, but to see if they are the right ones and what you can continue using. In the course you will use our products to practice that day and you will also be able to buy what you need and still do not have.
You can come to this service in any role you want. We advise that you can come dressed as a woman so the shopping is more comfortable, but in any case, you can come dressed as you prefer.
Yes, as long as our Angels do not have another session later and at an extra cost.


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