Learn to be an expert and feminize your face with our exclusive courses for crossdressers and transsexuals. We base the course on your level and from that point we create the whole process to feminize your face and make it possible for you to have a lot of fun with the makeup! You can start with a basic course if it’s your first time. Where easily you will learn the most essential for a beautiful result,or, if you already have practice but you want to improve your skills, you have the advanced course.

  • Includes a dossier with all the content of the course.
  • We use our makeup products for your convenience.
  • The sessions will be carried out with any of the image consultants according to availability.

  • Additional services:

    Makeup kit available to purchase in our studio

  • Estimated time: 3h


This service only includes the special make up for crossdressers and transgender.

For any occasion you need it, a date, an event, a party…so just to be fabulous!

The make up is customized with your face, using all techniques to enhance your femininity. Based in your style, the occasion, and your preferences.

It is included:

  • False lashes.
  • Wig cap protector.

We make it possible for you to dress at the studio before or after the make up. This way you can choose wether to come as man or already dressed as a woman, the way you prefer.

  • It is included:

    False lashes, wig cap protector,
    putting on a wig and changing clothes

  • Additional services:

    Painted nails: +5€
    Fake nails: +10€
    Makeup removal: +20€

  • Estimated time: 1:30h


Would you like to have your own feminine clothes but you can’t have them at home?
Do you need to keep your women’s clothing in a safe and secret place?
Now, you can have it in our Dafni Girls studios in Madrid or Valencia!
We will take care of your things as long as you need and they will be available for you to use it whenever you want to enjoy your feminine side.
Making your way easy is our mission!
It has never been so wonderful to experience crossdressing and your feminine side than now!

What includes:

  • Have your women’s wardrobe in a safe place.
  • Your clothes will be stored in a large suitcase provided by Dafni Girls. If you need to carry your things to another place, you can do it very comfortably. You will also have a coat rack
  • You can do shipments of your purchases to our studio and we will keep them in your luggage.
  • We have a washing service for your clothes when they are dirty.
  • Come whenever you want, by appointment, to pick up or drop off your women’s clothing.
  • Dress up and do your own makeup in our studios once a month if you need it. (Our makeup service will also be available whenever you want.)

Semiannual payment: €120 or: €220 annually.

20/ mounth
  • Semiannual payment: €120 or: €220 annually.


We rent you all the necessary for your transformation.

It’s a perfect service if you want to go out and enjoy of the city, with total freedom and independence. We have an infinite wardrobe of all styles, sizes, and tastes.

Includes your customized makeup at the wardrobe rental service for crossdressers, including full advice on what you are going to rent.

It’s an ideal service if you want to see and try the result of your transformation in DAFNI GIRLS, and then to keep your outfit long time (this will be always outside the studio).

You can get now the best feminine image you have always wished.

  • It is included:

    Makeup service, wig advice and all clothes for your outfit.

  • Additional services:

    Makeup removal: +20€

  • Bail:

    50€ (Returned when you return the dress)


Ideal for the crossdresser who wants to spend some hours or a full day as a woman.
You also have now the option to rent the dress without the need of hiring any additional service. We rent you all the necessary for your transformation.

Ideal for an event and situation that you want to live in complete freedom one day, or a few hours with everything you need for it.
It is also ideal if you have an event and you need some clothes or all the outfit just for the occasion.

We spend 30 minutes advising you.

If you only need to rent one or two accessories, it is also possible. You can enjoy yourself and with a wide variety of clothing, sizes and accessories. A whole world of facilities!

All your outfit

  • It is included:

    Lingerie, breasts forms, dresses, shoes or heels, accessories and a wig.

  • Bail:

    50€ (Returned when you return the dress)

2 or 3 pieces

  • Incluye:

    !!!!!2 ó 3 piezas como máximo de vestuario de cualquier tipo.!!!!!

  • Bail:

    50€ (Returned when you return the dress)


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